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Terry Smith
14333 Tyler Street #11
Sylmar, California 91342

Terry at work

"There is nothing more exciting than to see a painting unfold before your eyes. Color, design, simplicity, along with exploring a variety of subjects Is what inspires me. It is my life." T. Smith

Artist's Statement

I started my professional painting career as an non-objective/abstract expressionist. My work has resolved into more recognizable content although not plein-air. I work from color idea sketches done through the years that are re-worked in the studio and used only as an inspirational beginning.

The basic elements I use to create my paintings are idea, color, design simplicity, movement, light, composition and abstract forms.

I begin each painting on a color toned canvas, keying the color direction. My challenge is to make each painting unique in its color combinations and design. My color inspiration comes from what surrounds me; nature, art, fashion and favorite artists like, Vuillard, Monet, Gauguin, Bonnard and Cezanne. I love their treatment of color and its luminous quality. My own way of getting that effect is by using a scumbling technique allowing the under-painting to show through.

Simplicity and design are elements important in my style. I avoid unnecessary detail.

Shape and form are other important elements in my work that I flatten for abstract design reasons. As for light, it is that special element that makes a painting sing.

Movement and composition are the features that take the viewer into the painting and let them see the painting as a whole.

If all these elements are working harmoniously, the painting will be great.